July "Jules" Kendall is the cynical half-sister of Connie Kendall, though since "The Ties That Bind", she has loosened up a tad. It is unknown at this point whether she will convert to Christianity or not. After the Get in the Show competition, one of the final three nominees was chosen. It was Shona Kennedy, who later portrayed Jules in her debuting episode "Life Expectancy, Parts 1-3". She was completely fogged from Connie until June Kendall's funeral. Now, she is shown as a recurring character, who despises awkward situations and Christian heritage overall. She is a believer in evolution, although that may alter in the future. She currently resides in California and is befuddled by the intregue and love of Odyssey and the people there. It's the Odyssey magic! Her constant downheartedness causes turmoil for Connie's mindset, but her delinquent aura is quickly being doused a little.