Personality Edit


When he first appeared, Buck Oliver was a deceptive yet highly intelligent fourteen-year-old. He usually seems to be chewing on a toothpick but is always told to get rid of it. He had a decent personality and was said to be "handsome", but that is just the outward appearance. As time progresses (in The Green Ring Conspiracy), Buck's shrewd nature begins to show making several Odyssians feel betrayed, yet others (like Katrina Meltsner) believed he had a "good heart" and could change if given the chance. Mr. Skint abandoned him because of this. After his time in JD, he seems eager to prove that he has changed for the better. Buck seems to have a crush on Jules Kendall. He has blue eyes. (#828: “Friend or Foe”)

History Edit

Nothing is known about his history, except that he moved around a lot with Mr. Skint. It is possible that they went around doing odd jobs for criminals here and there, or they could have worked with the Green Ring the whole time, and went wherever the Carnival and counterfeit money went. His real is unknown but characters still refer to him as "Buck".

Family Edit

Buck's mother left after his father died when he was young. It is known that his father did not die in war, although it is not known how he died. His so-called guardian was Jebidiah Skint. It has been revealed that he went to Juvenile Detention after the Green Ring series; Connie thinks that Eugene and Katrina should adopt him (The Ties That Bind, Part 1) and Eugene and Katrina bring him into their home on The Ties That Bind, Part 4.